How to check Replication using replmon.exe

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Troubleshooting

By utilizing the existing feature in windows server 2003, one of which replmon. So I’ll share how to check replication using replmon.exe
to find out what it replmon, can see here :

No. Task Capture
1. Go to Run, and then type replmon clip_image002
2. You will be presented with the following screen: clip_image004
3. Right click on Monitored Servers, and choose Add Monitored Server clip_image006
4. On the Add Server to Monitor windows, choose Search the directory for the server to add, on the drop down list will be automatically displaying your domain. Choose your domain and click Next clip_image008
5. Select your DC Server, and then click Finish clip_image010
6. Active Directory Replication Monitor will be display replication on your DC Server, If there are any replication issues the partitions on the domain controller the server cannot replicate with will show a red x. clip_image012
7. Highlighting one of the problem replication partner servers will then show more verbose error messages in the logs pane explaining why it could not replicate. clip_image014

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