Server Domain Controller is grayed out on Agent Managed list after install SCOM Agent.

Posted: December 11, 2012 in SCOM 2012, System Center, Troubleshooting

Server Domain Controller is grayed out after install SCOM Agent


After install the Microsoft System Center Operations Manager agent on a Windows domain controller, the Health Service does not process configuration files and agen is grayed out.


Event on event viewer

Event Type: Error
Event Source: HealthService
Event Category: Health Service
Event ID: 1102
Date:  2009.11.17
Time:  15:32:04
User:  N/A
Computer: COMP1
Rule/Monitor “Microsoft.SystemCenter.DiscoverADManagedComputer” running for instance ” ” with id:”{A9D4AA2B-69D2-5D85-42D2-4FAFF7C21C4A}” cannot be initialized and will not be loaded. Management group “MOM”



This problem occurs when you configure an account that does not have administrative rights as the Default Action Account.


Run HSLockdown.exe to configure permissions

1. On the DC Server, open command prompt (run as different user)

2. Go to SCOM agent installation folder

3. Run Script below

a. hslockdown “ Management_Group _Name” /R “NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM”


4. Restart System Center Management services


5. Now your DC server on Agent Managed is healthy.


Source: method 2

  1. Scommer says:

    Thanx Worked for Me !!!

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