How to create RAID 10 and Hot Spares

Posted: December 21, 2012 in Tips & Trick

How to create RAID 10 and Hot Spares




A. In this scenario, we using server DELL PowerEdge R710, and use 5 Disk 300 GB. clip_image002
1. If RAID has setting before, you must clear config first. Go to the root Virtual Disk Management. clip_image004
2. Press F2-Operations, choose Clear Config. clip_image006
3. Choose Yes clip_image008
4. RAID configuration has been deleted. And you can set new RAID. clip_image010
5. Press F2-Operations, and then choose Create New VD. VD is Volume Disk clip_image012clip_image014
6. Press Enter On RAID Level to choose RAID level want to choose. Choose RAID-10. clip_image016
7. For setting Phisical Disks, you can use Space button to assign disk want to set the RAID clip_image018
8. VD Size will be calculate automatic after you choose disk to set RAID level. Choose OK . clip_image020
9. Choose OK clip_image022
10. RAID-10 has been created. Now we create the Hot Spares
11. Sort to Spanned Disk Group: 0, Raid 10, press F2-Operations, Choose Manage Ded. HS clip_image024
12. Choose disk to Hot Spares, and then click OK clip_image026
13. Hot Spares has been created clip_image028
14. Now, you must Initialization disk. Expand Virtual Disks, choose Virtual Disk: 0, 557.75 GB, press F2 button to Operations, choose Initialization, and then choose Start Init. clip_image030
15. Choose Yes, and Yes again. clip_image032clip_image034
16. Please wait until Progress 100 % clip_image036
17. Initialization Completed, choose OK clip_image038

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