How to setup extension number in Cisco Phone SPA504G using FreePBX.

Posted: May 13, 2014 in PBX

Below are step-by-step how to create extension number in you Cisco Phone.

No. explanation Picture
1. Go to your PBX web GUI, i.e clip_image002
2. Choose Application à Extensions clip_image004
3. Click Submit to create new extension number clip_image006
4. Fill User Extension, Display Name, Secret, nat: Yes. clip_image008



5. After finishing create extension in PBX server, the next step is setup your Cisco Phone
6. Check you Cisco Phone IP and then open in your website.

You can choose Menu, and then chose 9.




7. Open the IP address in your browser clip_image022
8. First you can setip Cisco Phone idendity, Click Phone, fill Station Name, Station Display Name, Text Logo. For this step you can fill with your company name. clip_image024
9. Setup Cisco Phone Background clip_image026
10. Go to Ext1 to setup line Ext 1. Set Nat Setting : yes, NAT Keep Alive Enable: yes. Fill SIP Port and Proxy. and then click Submit all Changes. clip_image028

clip_image032 clip_image034

11. Finished. You can trying to test call with your ext number ‘-

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